Friends of Naphill Common



On the Monday evening of the 15th April 2013 Neil Fletcher, Philip Hussey and Peter Davis setup two moth traps on Naphill Common down by the Clumps.

It is important to stress that no harm was done to any of the moths trapped. After being identified the moths were released back into the wild.

This was the first of many such trapping sessions to act as a survey of moths on Naphill Common over a year. A list of species found will appear on this page of our website and will be updated after each survey.


Subsequent moth trapping evenings have taken place adding greatly to the numbers of different species of moth found on Naphill Common

It difficult to advertise these trapping sessions because they have to be arranged very close to the time so that we know that the weather conditions will be just right.

List of Moths found on Naphill Common

Vernacular Taxon Date
Yellow Horned Achlya flavicornis 2013
a micro-moth Acleris literana 2013
a micro-moth Acrobasis consociella 2013
Miller Acronicta leporina photo 2013
Poplar Grey Acronicta megacephala 2013
Knot Grass Acronicta rumicis photo 2013
a micro-moth Agonopterix heracliana 2013
a micro-moth Agriphila straminella 2013
a micro-moth Agripila tristella 2013
Heart and Dart Agrotis exclamationis 2013
Mottled Beauty Alcis repandata photo 2013
Copper Underwing Amphipyra pyramidea 2013
Large Nutmeg Apamea anceps 2013
Clouded-bordered Brindle Apamea crenata 2013
Light Arches Apamea lithoxylaea 2013
Dark Arches Apamea monoglypha 2013
Slender Brindle Apamea seolopaeina photo 2013
Tomothy Tortrix Aphelia paleana 2013
a micro-moth Apotomis turbidana 2013
a micro-moth Argyresthia brockeella 2013
Red-necked Footman Atolmis rubricollis photo 2013
Silver Y Autographa gamma photo 2013
Beautiful Golden Y Autographa pulchrina photo 2013
Peppered Moth Biston betularia photo 2013
Oak Beauty Biston strataria 2013
Common White Wave Cabera pusaria 2013
Pale Tussock Calliteara pudibunda photo 2012
Light Emerald Campaea margaritata photo 2013
Horse-chestnut Leafminer Cameraria ohridella 2013
a micro-moth Carcina quercana 2013
a micro-moth Celypha lacunana 2013
Red-green Carpet Chloroclysta siterata photo 2013
Common Marbled Carpet Chloroclysta truncata 2013
V-Pug Chloroclystis v-ata 2013
Garden Grass-veneer Chrysoteuchia culmella 2013
Nut-tree Tussock Colocasia coryli photo 2013
Green Carpet Colostygia pectinataria photo 2013
Chestnut Conistra vaccinii 2013
Dun-bar Cosmia trapezina photo 2013
Purple Bar Cosmorhoe ocellata photo 2013
Mocha Cyclophora annularia
Nationally Scarce Notable B (Nb) species
Clay Triple-lines Cyclophora linearia photo 2013
Codling moth Cydia pomonella 2013
a micro-moth Cydia splendana 2013
Satin Beauty Deileptenia ribeata photo 2013
Elephant Hawk-moth Deilephila elpenor photo 2013
Purple Clay Diarsia brunnea 2013
Red-barred Tortix Ditula angustiorana 2013
a micro-moth Diurnea fagella photo 2013
Lunar Marbled Brown Drymonia ruficornis photo 2013
Small Phoenix Ecliptopera silaceata photo 2013
Engrailed Ectropis bistortata photo 2013
Buff Footman Eilema depressa photo 2013
Dingy Footman Eilema griseola photo
Common Footman Eilema lurideola 2013
Orange Footman Eilema sororcula 2013
September Thorn Ennomos erosaria 2013
August Thorn Ennomos quercinaria photo 2013
Bramble Shoot Moth Epiblema uddmanniana 2013
Common Carpet Epirrhoe alternata photo 2013
Brindled Pug Eupithecia abbreviata 2013
Foxglove Pug Eupithecia pulchellata photo 2013
Small Angle Shades Euplexia lucipara 2013
Garden Pebble Evergestis forficalis 2013
Map-winged Swift Hepialus fusconebulosa photo 2013
Orange Swift Hepialus sylvina photo 2013
Small Yellow Wave Hydrelia flammeolaria photo 2013
July Highflyer Hydriomena furcata photo 2013
Pine Hawk-moth Hyloicus pinastri photo 2013
Snout Hypena proboscidalis 2013
Riband Wave Idaea aversata photo 2013
Small Fan-footed Wave Idaea biselata photo 2013
Bright-line Brown-eye Lacanobia oleracea 2013
Beautiful Hook-tip Laspeyria flexula 2013
a harvestman Leiobunum rotundum 2013
Clouded Border Lomaspilis marginata photo 2013
Black Arches Lymantria monacha photo 2013
Common Cockchafer Melolontha melolontha 2013
Waved Umber Menophra abruptaria photo 2013
Common Rustic agg. Mesapamea secalis agg. 2013
Lesser Yellow Underwing Noctua comes photo 2013
Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing Noctua janthe 2013
Large Yellow Underwing Noctua pronuba 2013
Least Black Arches Nola confusalis photo 2013
Iron Prominent Notodonta dromedarius 2013
Flame Shoulder Ochropleura plecta 2013
Middle-barred Minor Oligia fasciuncula 2013
Brimsatone Moth Opisthograptis luteolata photo 2013
Common Quaker Orthosia cerasi photo 2013
Small Quaker Orthosia cruda photo 2013
Hebrew Character Orthosia gothica photo 2013
Clouded Drab Orthosia incerta photo 2013
Barred Fruit-tree Tortrix Pandemis cerasana 2013
Chequered Fruit-tree Torix Pandemis corylana photo 2013
Dark Fruit-tree Tortrix Pandemis heparana 2013
Brindled White-spot Parectropis similaria 2013
Willow Beauty Peribatodes rhomoidaria photo 2013
Small Rivulet Perizoma alchemillata 2013
Lesser Swallow Prominent Pheosia gnoma photo 2013
Angle Shades Phlogophora meticulosa photo 2013
a micro-moth Phycita roborella photo 2013
Scorched Wing Plagodis dolabraria photo 2013
Mother of Pearl Pleuroptya ruralis photo 2013
Marbled White Spot Protodeltote pygarga 2013
Green Silver-lines Pseudoips prasinana photo 2013
Coxcomb Prominent Ptilodon capucina photo 2013
Diamond-back Moth Plutella xylostella 2013
a micro-moth Scoparia ambigualis 2013
Early Thorn Selenia dentaria 2013
Purple Thorn Selenia tetralunaria photo 2013
Brown Chafer Serica brunnea 2013
Buff Ermine Spilosoma luteum photo 2013
Lobster Moth Stauropus fagi photo 2013
a micro-moth Strophedra weirana 2013
a micro-moth Syndemis musculana 2013
Peach Blossom Thyatira batis photo 2013
Green Oak Tortrix Tortrix viridana 2013
a micro-moth Udea olivalis 2013
a micro-moth Udea prunalis 2013
Oak Hook-tip Watsonalla binaria 2013
Barred Hook-tip Watsonalla cultraria photo 2013
Red Twin-spot Carpet Xanthorhoe spadicearia photo 2013
Square-spot Rustic Xestia xanthographa 2013
Small Fan-foot Zanclognatha tarsipennalis photo 2013

One of the objectives of the Friend of Naphill Common is to carry out surveys on animal and plant life found on the Common.

This could be carried out by a mixture of professional bodies or individuals and members of Friends of Naphill Common who have either an interest or just happen to see something on the Common.

If you have any information or can help in any way please do not hesitate to contact Trevor Hussey (see contact us)