Friends of Naphill Common


Woodland birds abound, including nuthatches, green and great spotted - and reports of lesser spotted - woodpeckers, and even hawfinches, plus chiff-chaffs, willow warblers, blackcaps and other visitors in their season. Red kites regularly roost on the common and ravens have recently made an appearance.

There are muntjac, roe deer and fallow deer, hares, and foxes, but are there any badgers? Frogs and newts breed in the ponds; grass snakes and common lizards have been seen, but do adders survive from the heath-land days?

In 1940 fairy shrimps were found - now a very rare species of fresh water crustaceans - but they might be re-discovered if we search.

One of the objectives of the Friend of Naphill Common is to carry out surveys on animal and plant life found on the Common.

This could be carried out by a mixture of professional bodies or individuals and members of Friends of Naphill Common who have either an interest or just happen to see something on the Common.

List of bats found on Naphill Common

List of birds found on Naphill Common

If you have any information or can help in any way please do not hesitate to contact Trevor Hussey (see contact us)