Friends of Naphill Common


Based on a survey (2020) by Dr O'Leary (British Bryological Society Bryological Recorder for Buckinghamshire)

Liverworts found on Naphill Common

There are two liverworts which are quite uncommon in Bucks, which are highlighted in red. They are not really national rarities, but definitely good ones for Bucks - there is not much acid heathy habitat in the county, which is what they like.

Calypogeia fissa
Cephalozia bicuspidata
Cephaloziella divaricata
Cephaloziella rubella
Cololejeunea minutissima
Diplophyllum albicans
Frullania dilatata
Lepidozia reptans
Lophocolea bidentata
Lophocolea heterophylla
Lophocolea semiteres
Lunularia cruciata
Metzgeria consanguinea
Metzgeria furcata
Metzgeria violacea
Microlejeunea ulicina
Radula complanata


One of the objectives of the Friend of Naphill Common is to carry out surveys on animal and plant life found on the Common.

This could be carried out by a mixture of professional bodies or individuals and members of Friends of Naphill Common who have either an interest or just happen to see something on the Common.

If you have any information or can help in any way please do not hesitate to contact Chris Miller (see contact us)